Winter Hair Care Tips for Healthy, Strong Locks

The winter months are notorious for wreaking havoc on your hair which means that you have to take extra care of your hair. The cold weather outside, coupled with the dry air inside, can cause breakage and damage to your locks. It can be a struggle to deal with your dry and frizzy hair in this season – so we’ve put together some helpful tips for keeping healthy, strong hair all year long.

Trims And Salon Treatments

Getting regular trims at your favourite salon can keep your ends from splitting during dry months while keeping you looking fresh in between cuts. In addition to stopping split ends from forming by getting regular haircuts or trims, try adding some protein into your routine. Protein-rich shampoos are perfect for strengthening dry strands, which makes them less susceptible to damage caused by cold weather elements like gusts etc., resulting in strong, healthy locks.

Use A Hair Mask

Hair masks are perfect for repairing dry and damaged strands by using ingredients that penetrate into the deepest layers of your hair without weighing it down! Look out for hydrating products containing shea butter, coconut oil or argan oil. We recommend applying this product overnight so you can wake up to smooth and soft hair.

When searching for a good quality moisturizing shampoo, always look at reviews as they will be able to tell you whether other customers have had success with their results. But don’t forget about great smelling products, too; there’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning feeling like you need another shower because your shampoo is overpowering! Masks aren’t just meant to repair damage either: a deep conditioning treatment can be used every two weeks to help prevent split ends and keep your locks looking shiny all winter long.

Bundle Up With A Hat

A lot of people think that wearing hats will make their hair greasy; however, this isn’t the case! In fact, hats are great for keeping your scalp and hair hydrated. When you’re outside in cold weather, the heat from your head will warm up the air inside your hat, which creates a moist environment – perfect for preventing dryness! Make sure to choose natural fabrics like wool or cotton rather than man-made materials like polyester as they won’t absorb moisture.

Stay Moisturized

Keeping your whole body hydrated is key during the winter months, not just your hair! Drinking enough water is important for circulation, which keeps the scalp healthy, resulting in strong strands. It’s also vital to keep applying moisturizer during this time of year as it helps seal moisture into each strand, so your locks are shiny and full all season long.

Avoid Overwashing

Washing too often can cause over-drying, which will lead to breakage & damage, something you want to avoid at all costs during these cold months. Try shampooing every other day or if that’s not possible, then use a dry shampoo between washes on days that aren’t washdays. Dry shampoos soak up any excess oil from your roots, leaving them looking fresh without stripping away natural oils as traditional shampoos do. Dry shampoos are great for adding volume to your hair too!

Cut Down Heat-Heavy Styling

Your hair is at the most vulnerable when it’s wet and cold air can really wreak havoc on your strands. Harsh winds and extremely cold temperatures will cause static which leads to split ends, so making sure you’re using a heat protectant before blow drying or straightening your locks should be a top priority. Going low-maintenance during these months is also an option: washing less frequently, avoiding hot tools whenever possible (when doing updos etc.), opting for buns instead of sleek ponytails & keeping styles quick with dry shampoo helps out tremendously in this department.


If you’re struggling to deal with your dry and frizzy hair all winter long, it might be time to consider professional help. Our team of experts at Atelier Hair salon can offer everything from a haircut for healthy, strong locks to scalp treatments that hydrate skin and maintain healthy follicles.

Contact our team today if you want more information about any of these services or how we can help keep your hair looking its best this season!


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